Why Girls Push Boys Away

I’ve been thinking about this a lot recently and I’ve come to the conclusion (hasn’t everybody?) that this one is really simple. Girls push boys away because they’re hurt. Boys might be hurt too, but in most society’s it is socially acceptable for boys to pester girls into getting what they want.

People who have suffered rejection and hurt feel pain, but there is a difference between the two pains. Let me elaborate.

So due to the fact that the mind is a universe of gobidy-gook to those of us who have not studied the human mind to any great extent. Luckily, I have been fortunate enough to go to third-level education and in studding my Communication Studies (not to be sniffed at you Arts-slaggers), I have divulged into the world of the psychology greats (by divulge I mean attend lectures and take notes), but STILL, I believe I have an excellent understanding of people, why they do the things they do, and how to mediate situations in which people are upset (I have approximately fifteen years of experience in this field due to the fact that neither of my two homes over the years have EVER been fully mediated, which is unfortunate seeing as I have tried so hard on many occasions and will continue to do so throughout my life).

ANYWAY, I was saying, hurt feels like a punch in the stomach, rejection feels like a hole in the heart. Literally, a freaky HOLE feels like it is in your heart. Recently, since leaving my job at Disney, and from beginning to live life in as close to the real world as I have ever been (apart from a three-month stint in Chicago last Summer), I have dedicated time to really get off the band wagon of imagined life, (i.e Facebook) and start living in the moment. The mindfulness this brings is an added bonus- and you feel invigorated and alive from the things you once thought only brought you joy as a kid, such as the wind, the exchanging of glances with good-looking strangers, and the chocolate with your coffee.

From this unconscious longing to feel belonged, I have found myself in the world again and out of my ‘monkey mind’ (As they say), and it has pushed me to do pretty ‘out-there’ things, or so my friends say, I guess I’ve always been a bit of a rebel.

So to conclude, the reason why girls push boys away and everyone is feeling a little bit lonely is not only because of the Facebook generation (which let’s face it-CLEARLY makes things more complicated), but it is essentially channelled pain.


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