Good Karma Leads to Good Karisma

Karma refers to the principle of causality where intent and actions of an individual influence the future of that individual.

Good intent and good deed contribute to good karma and future happiness, while bad intent and bad deed contribute to bad karma and future suffering.

I used to have moments where I didn’t see the point in being nice to people- they’re only going to treat you like crap anyway.

But the more consistently,  the more I focused on the respect I showed towards other people over my self-  the more I received respect back. You set the standard for how you are treated, and in the words of Eleanor Roosevelt, ‘No-one can make you feel inferior without your consent).

So, I believe in not shrinking so as not to make others feel insecure around you.  People will always feel insecure. By being your best self you GIVE them the motivation to change themselves- hence changing their lives for the better. Way deep.

Life is brief, amazing moments are fleeting, and if the only thing stopping you from feeling the euphoria that is life is fear, then make a plan for your worries, channel your anxiety and fear into doing something that will make yourself proud.

Through diligent work, and visualising, I managed to scrape 455 points in the oul’ Leaving Certificate, and I’ve travelled on my own and paid for my own trips to Vancouver, London, Lourdes, Chicago, and will be J1-ing in San Francisco next Summer. I’ve had more than fifteen employments- but that all came from being my own parent. During my parents’ divorce my household was a chaotic prison- to some extent it still is- but from that came an intense desire to be happy and to fill a void. I often catch myself doing things that only a person who longs for love and attachment would do.

And this leads on to the Karma. Why are we nice to people? Because we ‘feel their pain’.

According to Harry Harlow, an American Psychologist who focused on studies surrounding care-giving and companionship in social and cognitive development, as cruel and extremely wrong studies on Monkey’s Harlow found that ‘No monkey has died during isolation. When initially removed from total social isolation, however, they usually go into a state of emotional shock, characterized by … autistic self-clutching and rocking. One of six monkeys isolated for 3 months refused to eat after release and died 5 days later. The autopsy report attributed death to emotional anorexia.’

It is an interesting insight as to how animals understand each other. Eventually, everybody experiences loneliness, isolation and hurt, and that is why as a general rule, adults are kinder. Of course there are exceptions, and many do not feel the need to express their empathy, but with empathy an kindness comes good KARMA!

People are not nice for themselves, if they are truly genuine, it is because they see themselves in you.


Just some #deepthoughts


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