Behind the ‘Blog’

I have decided to write a blog for a variety of reasons, namely to justify spending my time on something that I do not believe anybody (apart from the people I show myself) will read.

The first is this: When you lose somebody important in your life, you channel your loss into anything you unconsciously think will help, many of these activities can be self-destructive. So I would like to stop channelling the deep-rooted ‘hole in my heart’ (cliché, but oddly relatable), as well as my love for English and all things creative, into something I can link my friends to when they inevitably experience loss/pain/hurt (Because what’s the point of not sharing my own growing experience if it helps others to ‘heal’ (oh the deepness of it all!).

On a lighter note, as a Communication Studies student in Dublin City University, this blog could be useful in my future career, and due to that fact, I will devote my utmost attention to detail, making sure not to lead people astray with my restless wandering thoughts.


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Music Lover / Communication Studies Graduate

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